As of December 31, 2019 we officially raised over $52,000 to complete our Surgical Services campaign with the funds designated for the purchase of equipment for our podiatry and urology surgeons.  We were so excited to have been selected by the Elisabeth Curtis Foundation for their generous donation that helped close the gap and exceed our goal!!!

This past January, Orleans Community Health recently added a new Olympus Holmium laser to its Surgical Department to help treat patients with kidney, bladder, and ureteral stones.   Dr. Anees Fazili, of the Center for Urology, is the urologist on staff at Medina Memorial Hospital that performs this latest procedure. He agrees that the Holmium laser lithotripsy provides many benefits to patients, including immediate relief of symptoms and a quick recovery in which most patients go home the same day following surgery. It is typically performed when a patient is unable to pass a stone on their own and experiences pain or discomfort.  When activated, the laser beam breaks up the stone into smaller sizes making them capable of being passed. The procedure requires general anesthesia to keep the patient comfortable and there is no need for incisions.

The purchase was made possible due to the generosity of donors to the Orleans Community Health Foundation. Kimberly Gray, Director of Surgical Services at Orleans Community Health stated, “On behalf of Dr. Fazili, myself, and the entire Surgical Department, we are truly thankful for the support of our Foundation and the entire community. By adding the availability of Holmium laser treatments to our services, we’re able to save most patients a long commute to Buffalo or Rochester while using the same technology right in our community hospital”.

To schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Fazili, please contact (585) 201-7793.  Please note that your insurance may require a referral from your primary physician. For more information please visit