Foundation Executive Director, Heather Smith, has joined the Medina Rotary Club and anticipates being very busy in the future.  The Medina Rotary Club has many events planned throughout the year that attract a wide variety of participants.  Their primary goal is to raise funds for local and worldwide humanitarian efforts.  They do this by bringing together local businesses and business leaders to organize initiatives that support and educate the community of their mission.

“I grew up in Medina and all of my life my family has been involved in a variety of community based organizations.  Part of me always knew that I would do the same one day.  I chose to join Rotary for a couple of reasons.  First, I loved the connection Rotary has with the world through its efforts to eradicate polio, a disease that has affected my family.  Second, as part of my job I wanted to be connected with an organization that gives to the community.  Working at the OCH Foundation I am always seeking support from the community.  This is my way of returning the favor and giving back.”

Medina Rotary Adds Two New Members!