The VicknairsIn 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the first year anniversary of my mother’s death from neck/spine cancer.  I cannot tell you how scared I was!  I was so greatly relieved that it was discovered right here at home at Medina Memorial Hospital.  I had been going to a Buffalo radiologist for years, but got tired of the long drive & wait time there.  I asked my gynecologist if it would be OK if I went to MMH Mammography department for my checkup.  My doctor wholeheartedly agreed and said they had a new and very good mammography department there.  So I switched.  I am so grateful I wasn’t an hour away at a strange place when I learned I had breast cancer.  As devastating at the news was, I had such a feeling of comfort.  Dr. Sponaugle and Sue Knutson took such interest and good care of me.  I wasn’t just a number, like I always felt like in the city.  Dr. Misiti did my surgery and I had wonderful care during my stay at MMH.  I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!

Things sure have come a LONG way since then.  My husband, family & friends formed an event called “The Pink Crystal Ball” and went on to raise thousands of dollars for the mammography department.  We were so proud to have been a part of the renovations and equipment purchases to help a place that helped me so much.

We need to keep making improvements and work hard to keep MMH alive & well in Orleans County.  So many people depend on it…I know I do.   We are SO fortunate to still have our hospital here.  So many small towns have lost theirs.  As with every establishment problems occur, but the strong ones correct theirs and make it stronger.  I plan to keep working for MMH to make it the best that it can be!

Kathleen Vicknair