Shared by Jim Moody, Executive Director

I consistently seek out goodwill stories from staff, patients and families who have had experiences with Orleans Community Health.

Not long ago, I met with Greg Bruggman, a Batavia resident who talked about the care he has received at the Lake Plains Dialysis Center in Batavia.

Greg has lived in Batavia most of his life and has multiple health issues. He also lives independently and uses a wheelchair.  The ability to access local services is very important to him.  At this point in his life, Greg needs dialysis treatment up to 12 hours each week.

In our conversation, Greg shared his gratitude for the wonderful care he receives. Living so close the center is an added bonus. Greg also raved to me about the efficiency of the staff and the attentiveness to his needs.

Most of all, Greg uses the Lake Plains Dialysis Center because he feels a connection with the staff.

If you or someone you know needs this type of care, please contact the Batavia (344-7098) or Medina (798-3757) Center today. You will be pleased.