The OCH Foundation Board and staff are excited to announce that this year we will be raising funds to replace 60 intravenous infusion pumps that are used all throughout the system.  Our current pumps were generously donated by Sigma back in 2011 and it is time to make a complete upgrade.  At any given time we could be using up 50 pumps with the remainder being serviced or sterilized.  Our goal to help meet this need for OCH is to raise $150,000 through our special events, grants, and individual gifts.

These pumps are used in both dialysis locations, our emergency room, our operating and recovery rooms, for infusion treatments, in radiology, in our long-term care center (North wing) and on our patient care floor.  At times a patient may use only one, but sometimes they could be using multiple pumps at a once.  They are always in need and provide vital medical care to our patients who either need them for hydration, life saving medications, antibiotics, or infusions.  Having new pumps means having new technology that will provide easier and simpler programming, which always leads to improved quality of care.


If you would like to make a contribution that 100% supports this project, then please click the donate now button above.  You can also support the project by participating in one of our fun and exciting fundraisers.

Visit the event page for more information on how you can join the fun!