In 2015, the Foundation goal is $175,000 for a state of the art Ultrasound System in the Radiology / Mammography area

Ultrasound MachineThe Philips EPIQ 7 Ultrasound System will ensure Medina Memorial Hospital remains at the cutting edge of ultrasound equipment well into the future. The EPIQ 7 will also allow local residents to have same equipment quality of care as major imaging centers like the Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic, Erie County Medical Center and the Roswell Park Cancer Breast Center.

The EPIQ 7 offers the only bariatric probe available which will allow clinicians the ability to obtain a more precise clinical image for a better diagnosis. The system offers X-Matrix, which allows a patient to be scanned in “LIVE 4D” in all areas of the abdomen including OB for better analysis of the fetal heart and organs. The EPIC 7 also allows doctors to scan in two planes live and perform biopsy procedures.

Breast Elastography is a major feature of the EPIQ 7, helping the clinician determine whether or not a lesion is cancerous, thus avoiding unnecessary biopsies.


As of July 2015, the Orleans Community Health Foundation has raised over $90,000 for our Ultrasound Campaign. Our fundraising events were enjoyable and helped us to get closer to bringing this new cutting edge technology to Medina Memorial Hospital.


Please consider a gift in any amount to help the Foundation reach our ultimate goal!

Call us at 585-798-8061 to make your donation!